Low speed in USB 3.0

Speeds transfers in My Passport (500 GB) USB 3.0 = from 30 to 80 MB/s

:confounded: Ridiculous speed for a port that is announced with a maximum of 5 Gb/s :confounded:

Installed the latest firmware for My Passport (v1.019)

Installed the latest drivers for the motherboard chipset (Intel Z75)

OS: Windows 8 Pro

PC: HP Pavillion H9-1101es “Phoenix”

Motherboard:  IPMMB-FM “Formosa” by Pegatron

Where is the problem?


Your PC HDD.

It’s not because USB3.0 has 5gb/s (potential) speed that in the normal world you will have it. The fastest, at least from memory, is transfering from a SATA2 HDD. The speed you have are probably the best you will ever get.

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I have a HDD and a SSD. Both are connected to a SATA 2.0 connectors at a speed of 6 Gb/s.

 I still say, where is the problem?

you need a SSD and a SSD to get to those speeds. The External HDD has only 30-80MB/s read/write speeds.

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