WD 1 TB My Passport Drive SLOW Transfer Speeds ~30 MS/s USB 3.0


Yesterday I purchased a new WD “My Passport” USB external drive and have set it up and installed the WD Smartware and Utilities software. The specs for the drive in particular on WD.com states that when connected via USB 3.0 port the transfer rates are as high as 5 GB/s. 

I have begun transferring files to the drive, and many are fairly large (5-10 GB) and I have been receiving low transfer speeds. The highest that I have recorded has been ~81 MB/s and the lowest being ~10 MB/s. These are just peaks however because the average rate is a steady 29-30 MB/s.

I have the latest drivers for my USB 3.0 Port, and computer bios. I am running on a Win 7 64bit Dell XPS 15z Series Notebook, less than 9 months old.

This is very displeasing and you can understand my frustration as I was expecting a higher transfer rate as advertised. I have had other drives  connected to the USB 3.0 Port that have transfer rates of about 190-250 MB/s.

I have a feeling I may just happen to have a bad drive, but I will note that when I installed it, I ran all the diagnostics tests provided by the WD Utilities application and they all passed. If anyone can provide any insight toward this, that would be greatly appreciated. I have packed up the drive and I am considering returning it.

I have not contact WD support yet. If more information is need on my end let me know.


you can try testing the unit to see if the drive is corrupted

Check the link below.


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