WD My Passport SSD

I want to know the exact speed of my passport ssd drive when connected to a usb 3.0 type A port?

Please reply.

There will never be an “exact” speed for any drive connected to any kind of port. It will all depend on many variables, including but not limited to, the quality of external case the SSD drive will be put in, and how much and what kind of files you will be transferring to/from the device.

Ok but atleast there must be an average speed coz there are SanDisk ssd’s that comes around 390 to 430 of average speed in a regular usb 3.0 drive.

Well seeing that there are no further replies for my topic, do please at least close the topic. :grin:

Thank you.

you will get 300-410MB/s max. it fluctuates based on host storage. Not HDD though.