Lost owner password

Having just rebuilt my PC ( windows7 /  64bit ) I am unable to access the dashboard to my live book. I have managed to map it as a user but the dashboard requires me to log in as the owner.

Any ideas how I can recover / reset the password. Have tried resetting the unit using a pin and leaving the password blank, with no joy.



You probably didn’t hold the reset button down long enough. Hold it down a good 6 seconds, your drive should reboot (pay attention to the LED colors) and the password will be removed as if it were a new drive.

I have reset the unit, waited for the ‘white’ light. but am still unable to log on as the owner, using either leaving the password field blank or i tried ‘admin’. This is getting  frustrating. I am able to map to the drive when i turn my pc on but have to enter user id (a user account i set up) & password each time.

Any ideas