Lost data on WD My Passport?

I need some help. I bought WD My Passport (07A8 Device) product on 2013 (more or less). Today I tryed to run it again to see my data stored on it. I can´t see anything but if I click on properties there is no free space available. How I can recover the all data storage on it? All information on it is a big part of my real life!! PLEASE. I tryed to run the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows but it gived me a failure for the usb

FORGET IT. I tried to run it on my old lap top (windows 7) and unlocked the external drive, now and all is OK.

Hello GraceG,

As the drive is working fine on your old laptop please backup all the data and format the hard drive to resolve the issue of drive not getting detected on your other computer.

So that mean the drive is lock with a password?