Looking for WD mybook 2TB controller PCB board

Hello there, I have a 2TB WD mybook external harddrive which has stopped working few months ago, whenever I connect the drive to my mac it appears as “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.”, I took it out from the enclosure and tried to connect it to a PC (which seems a really bad step to do based on some of the posts I have read here in this forum), but I still believe the drive is healthy because it doesn’t have any noise, it passes the test by Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics, although it appears as unallocated in disk management on PC, I think the data are still there it’s just the controller board that fails.

Now my last hope is to replace the PCB and it has a serial no. of 4061-705094-001 Rev.AA, I’ve learnt from this forum that the third part of the serial “001” actually doesn’t matter, however I can’t locate one on ebay that would ship to Hong Kong where I live, I went ahead and purchased one with Rev.AA 1, which unfortunately it doesn’t work D:

I know my chances are pretty thin since it is quite an old model, but may I know if there is anyone on this forum who has got one PCB that starts with 4061-705094 and ends with Rev.AA that you could sell me please?
Here is the look of the controller board for everyone’s reference:
Thank you!