Looking for G-Speed Hard Drive sleds/caddies. How do I get 16 of them?

So the G-SPEED Shuttle XLs have hard drives in them. We all get that. And those drives are mounted in a sled/caddy with a latching mechanism that slides into the RAID enclosure. Pretty nice, right?

But where can I buy just those plastic sleds/caddies? I need to get 16 of them but I can not find them individually sold anywhere.

I’ve called support and they are no help ( and barely speak English honestly ). I’ve called the online store support and they just send me to warrantee. The warrantee people say if it’s out of warrantee, they can’t help.

So any ideas?


I understand your frustration in trying to find individual plastic sleds/caddies for your G-SPEED Shuttle XLs. Unfortunately, it seems like these sleds/caddies are not sold separately by the manufacturer, and finding compatible ones from third-party vendors may be difficult.

One possible solution is to try contacting authorized resellers of G-Technology products to see if they have any spare sleds/caddies available for purchase. You can find a list of authorized resellers on G-Technology’s website.

Alternatively, you may also want to consider purchasing replacement hard drives that come with their own sleds/caddies, and then transferring the existing drives to the new sleds/caddies. This option may be more costly, but it could be a viable solution if you are unable to find the sleds/caddies separately.

Lastly, you could also consider reaching out to online forums or communities dedicated to G-Technology products to see if other users have any spare sleds/caddies they could sell or trade with you.