G-Speed Shuttle SSD: Manual und how to open to get access to the ssd´s?

Kind Regards from Germany,
I am a new user of a g-Spped shuttle ssd! Two questions:

  1. Is there a manual especially for the G-Speed Shuttle SSD?
  2. How to open the S-Speed shuttle ssd to handle the ssd´s? Just by handcraft or by software? My new G-Speed shuttle ssd is locked by a plastic circle at the opening flap! It seem to be very hard to open, so that i was afraid to break it! …and there is no information to find about the procedure to open the open flap!
    I need help, or is it just a lack of my courage ?

Once you open the front panel you pretty on the small grey clips and it will allow you to pull the arm out to extract the SSD. That is the only way to remove them from the sleds.