Long RAID Rebuild

Hi All, 

I experienced a powercut (whilst I was waiting for my UPS - always the way!) which caused the RAID rebuild to kick in. I amended the original RAID config to be set to encypted with RAID 5 and additionally SET to auto rebuild on the RAID.

After the powerecut, the RAID rebuild started and gave a time of 2045mins, which is still running at the moment.

My question is - How long is the rebuild supposed to take on a 3.3TB RAID 5 single volume encrypted configuration?

The 34 hours seems excessive, and is a long time to be ‘at risk’. I am worried about another powercut in the remaining time.

Thanks in advance.


You posted this same post twice. Also, did you do a search on this board to see if a similar issue has already been answered? A quick search of the phrase ‘RAID rebuild’ returned me this as one of the top search results -> http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-EX4/RAID-rebuild-taking-days-weeks-months-not-working/m-p/737144

This may or may not answer your question (I think it might) but I wonder if you even did a search and looked at that thread.