Live Hub - will it catch up with New Media Streamer capabilities?

I have just purchased th new WDTVLive Media Streamer

It seems to be more capable than the WDTVLiveHub in what it offers i.e how it handles TV shows etc

Are there plans to update the Live Hub to the same capabilities?

Of course, I don’t have any official clue, but I would suspect that after some period of time, the two devices will achieve feature “parity,” or at least pretty close to it, as far as the hardware allows.

Yeah, that was what I was hoping

As I have both these now, will be trying the new Media Streamer as my ‘main’ unit tonight.

Do you know if the hardware in the Streamer is also more advanced than the Live Hub or is the only difference the 1tb internal drive? 

The Live SMP has a newer processor;  it’s a scalled down version (yet faster clock) than the processor in the Hub.

Gone back to my LiveHub as my main player

The Live Streamer doesnt handle the many .dvdmedia files I have very well. For example, in Gallery view, you select the movie and it then takes you to a level down where the TS file is - you then have to select this as an extra step. It doesnt always have the right TS  file so won’t play the movie. Also, it has trouble playing some old mp4 rips I have with respect to the AAC audio tracks.

It struggles building the media library and many thumbnails and backdrops were missing.

It will be fine for the spare room for now, until there are some decent FW updates

*also posted in the Live Streamer forum*