Anyone using the Live Streaming and Live HUB?

I’m looking for a device for master bedroom.   I can already see the live hub via my 2011 imac in another room (it works great). 

I bought a Live Streaming Player yesterday to go with my Live Hub. They network together quite well but I’m having a problem streaming dvd video ts folders and mp4s to the SMP without stuttering. All other formats seem ok although saying that I don’t have many hd formatted stuff to test out. The new one has got an extra menu item- RSS feeds - so far I’ve only been able to get the WD promos it came with to work and haven’t been able to add my own. 

JoeBoy, I have a WD TV Live Streaming and a WD TV Live Hub, I can stream from the hub to the WD TV Live S without any issue. Must tell that 85% of my anime and movies are MP4 and they work fine.

Thanks for the input guys!  Looks like I’ll be picking one of these bad boys up!