Link Aggregation ( LACP )

I got a new switch a netgear GS108Tv2 w/ support for LAG & LACP protocol.  I setup a LAG on ports 7&8 and enabled LACP against that LAG.

I sent went into the dashboard of the NAS and tried to drop down and select 802.3ad ( LACP ) for the option instead of the default active backup.  The drop down immediately reverts back to the Active Backup selection.  It is like it won’t take the setting.

What could I be missing?  Is anybody else here actively working on or have successfully setup LACP on this unit? 

Before you try anything complicated try another browser.

That’s a good suggestion as I do run a Mac and use Safari for my default browser; which can be wonky sometimes.  While I’ve configured most of the other settings w/o any trouble w/ Safari  I’ll try using IE to see if I can get a different result. 

Thanks that solved my issue to switch to a different browser.  Must have been a pop-up setting, or extension setting.