Limiting access of users to Shared Folders

So looking to use My Cloud Home as a replacement of Dropbox for example. Is there any way to limit which users have access to which folders while still allowing them to upload etc? When i’ve shared a link, the users can download the content, but they cannot upload etc unless i add them as user. If i do that, they then have access to ALL the folders and as we work with multiple investigators etc this wont work. Any way to create multiple public folders for example then that i could add different users to, or limit users on certain folders but still allow them to upload?

Well, My Cloud Home provided Personal User space which acts like a private space for the user and the admin as well. The Family Folder in the My Cloud Home acts like a public or common folder into which every user of the device can see the data. In order to share the content with the users it is recommended to store the data in the Family Folder of the device so that every user can see or access it without any issue.

Moreover, you can share the data from the Private space with the user of the device or other persons via link.
To know the steps, refer to the link given below.