LEDS keep flashing

Hello, I have made it a habit to dismount any USB connected drive before shutting down. At times this works well, at other times I get a message that the drive is being used by another application, in which case I lave it mounted.

When I shut down my PC, the LEDs on my drives, I have several types of WD drives, keep flashing even after the PC has shut down. I am wondering if this is normal, and its not harming the drive.

The only way to stop the LEDs from flashing is to disconnect power.

I am using a Microsoft Surface Book, with Windows 10 all updates and service packs. But this happens on all other laptops that I have.

Thanks for any advice.

WassimN…when you say Dismount…are you talking about Safe Eject using either the rt mouse Eject or the Eject tool in the lower tool bar by the clock?

  • I notice that not all USB connected devices have an Eject on the rt mouse(esp WD devices using WD software). All seem to have a Eject in the task bar utility. Getting a msg about being used on WD devices is because there are many WD apps running (see task manager, under process). There has been a recent discussion on this: My passport won't shut down properly. Help please
  • the above Device Manager allowed me to Safe Eject the Passport devices that I have mounted.
  • Now, when I Safe Eject and leave the USB connected, yes…there is a blinking lite on the unit…I believe that there is still power going to the drive, and ejecting it does not actually power it down. There is a Power Management item in the above link.
  • now what is curious…you say that whey you shut the PC down, there is still a blinking lite. Unless your USB is a powered one (one that allows charging) when PC is off, then I don’t know.
  • try different USB’s or, if you have a Flash(thumb) drive that lites up, then try this unit into that blinking port.

A steady flashing light indicates that the drive is in standby mode, and is ready to power back up and be used when the computer is turned back on. Completely normal. And yes, I pull the power adapter out (while in standby) when I’m done since I don’t use the My Book everyday, and because the power button on mine requires a 5 second press in order to turn off completely.