LaunchDaemon wdhelper?


I have three different external hard drives from Western Digital and they all work very well on my Mac. 

I have a question though: When checking my system, I recognized by help of a popular diagnostics tool, that there is a LaunchDaemon by the name of that is not properly loading. The Property List is pointing towards a the program /usr/libexec/wdhelper. My hard drives work nicely nevertheless, but I want to make sure that I there is no issue. 

Can I remove the LaunchDaemon? Should I repair it?

I would be glad for any idea. 



Just figured that “wdhelper” ist not a Western Digital piece of software, but 

XPC helper tool for performing privileged operations for WirelessDiagnosticsSupport.framework


I would recommend contacting Apple in this particular case. They may be able to help you track down the purpose and distributor of this particular software.