Latest firmware (.deb) for My Book Live Duo (4TB)

Hello, since I cant check for updates (It gives always an error that it’s not connected to internet etc but it is…) I want to update the firmware manually. I do have some technical knowledge and just need the latest .deb file for the My Book Live Duo 4TB but can’t find it… Can anyone please help me provide the file?

Hi BatLine,

You can refer below to get latest firmware of MY BOOK LIVE DUO device.

I tried to install Firmware Version 02.43.10 - 048 (6/22/2015), but I receive error.
Also I tried to update automatically and manually (from GUI), and result is same. It can’t be done.
Now I have MyBookLiveDuo 02.40.06-048 : Core F/W.

You should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support

Create a support case with our world-class service and support team

Hey there pTomic.
Has your problem been solved? I’m struggling with the same thing. I’ve just bought a My Book Live Duo (4TB) recently, and it’s working ok, but I’m not able to upgrade the firmware from MyBookLiveDuo 02.43.03-022 : Core F/W to the latest 02.43.10 - 48

I tried the older fw’s as well from your official site, but non of them are seems to be working for me. Update always stops at 70%

Auto update don’t even start for some reason…

Is there any possibility to making it work via usb maybe? My only problem at the moment is I haven’t got a USB A to USB A cable around, but I can still buy one if that might work.