LAN Access from Remote?

I was hoping someone could explain a few things.  After recently setting up my 1TB MBL, it would randomly lose connectivity from the rest of my network.  It would still be blinking green, but I could not connect to it through my mapped drive on my laptop, or through the UI.  I messed around with the remote settings and also in my router, and now notice numerous entries in my router’s log, e.g. (note the is the local IP address assigned to my MBL):

[LAN access from remote] from to Sunday, Feb 05,2012 10:07:44

[LAN access from remote] from to Sunday, Feb 05,2012 08:28:55

[LAN access from remote] from to Sunday, Feb 05,2012 05:51:03

Could anyone tell me what this means?  I’ve subsequently disabled UPnP and all port forwarding.  Also, if someone were somehow able to connect to this drive, would they then be able to have read/write access to all my files and folders in the public share?  I’d like to have remote access to this drive, however, I’m nervous of unwanted entry into it. 

Thanks for any help.

It is just people scanning the internet for open hosts or webservers…

Note that the destination port is :80

which is Webservers.   

wd2go also uses this port, hence why it’s forwarding to your MBL.

Thank you for your reply.  Sorry for my ignorance, but does that mean that I am safe from outside intruders?  I’m assuming they’d need my password to access files in the public share if for some reason they were able to connect, right?   I’ve also noticed the entries no longer appear in my log once I deleted the port forwarding entries on my router (one of which was forwarding port 80). 

If you have deleted the port forwarding entries then you are safe (from that form of attack). Forwarding to port 80 would just get them to the web interface anyways… although I guess through there they could setup a WD2go accound and allow themselves access to everything.

You might just run through your UI to do a sanity check, make sure nothing looks strange (like email addresses that are not yours).

No, Web Access to the Dashboard is prohibited from non-local addresses … for just that reason. :wink:

If anything, they’ll get an immediate “Access Denied” error 403.

Nice… Good to know. Thanks!

Great, happy to know I can finally use the remote features of the MBL.  Thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it!