Jittery and delayed playback

I have a WD Gen 1 media player. I am new here, and I could’t find the right forum for that media player to post, so if this is miscatagorized, please excuse me.

I have this player for a while, and i have observed that when I connect large capacity HDDs to it (500GB, 1TB), playback becomes jittery, choppy, and movies abort randomly, sometimes the media player resets.

Looks like the large number of files present in the HDD is causing a lot of memory being used to parse/cache teh file system, leaving less space to expand and playback the actual media files.

I am not sure if this is correct, but looks to be a plausable explanation. I have tried the latest firmware and also an unsupported firmware just to check if the issue was fixed, but it isnt.

Can some one give me pointers as to whether this can be fixed?

Also, why is the scan time when I connect a large HDD so long, it takes hours. 


amitrajitb, the WD TV HD Media Player (Gen 1) is a Legacy device which is unfortunately no longer supported. Please have a look in the current WD Community Archives for possible workarounds or solutions.