Problem w/Playback WD/TV HD Media Player

Got this as a present and when it works, it is great. I am finding when I have large files 6g+ for a movie that the the playback starts breaking up. It is like the unit cannot keep up with the data demands for a clean playback. My scource is a WD external hard drive dedicated only to storage for this devise. My only solution is to stop playback go to the menu and restart program where it left off and watch till it breaks up again. Please help

What I do to ensure it runs smoothly is:

-         Eject drive(s) always when discounting from the player or unplug player first then disconnect the drive(s).

-         Turn player on first (only if not plugged in already) before connecting or powering up the drive(s).

-         Delete “.wd_tv” folder off  the drive(s) every time new media is added or removed.

If response is slow or not all: 

  • Disconnect all drives and unplug player
  • Delete “.wd_tv” folder off the drive(s)
  • Restore player to “factory settings” (Do not connect drives until the Restore is completed) note:  Firmware remains untouched.

Hope these help!

PS.  My largest files are 45GB(M2TS) & 32GB(MKV) and I never had any issues.