Itunes recognising wdtv, not the files within hard drive!

Ok,  Wondering if anyone had a solution which would be great!

Have a mac osx 10.4 which is wirelessly networked to the wdtv. Everything is working fine between both units( ie. can play /modify all files including music and video through the finder tab located on the attached hard drive).  ITUNES will regonise the wdtv in the home sharing tab within itunes, but will not register any music files and the list shows blank… I’ve tried modifying folders etc. with no luck. Can anyone help.Thanks

Sorry, I’m a newbie. I’ve read through other threads and your is the first with someone that has the same setup as I do. I have a mac, 10.4, connected to an airport extreme. I use an airport express wired directly to the WDTVlive. I ran through setting up my mac drives and external drives as shared with smb. When I go into the Video or Music or Photo content menus on the WDTV and select Network Shares, nothing happens. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I can see WDTVLIVE on my mac as a network location. I just cannot seem to see the mac from the WDTVlive. The network connection is fine and I’m able to access youtube etc… I’ve disabled auto-logon and reset the logon information on the wdtvlive. Nothing seems to help… How did you get it to work.

How did you manage to make the airport express work with the WD LIVE?  Mine won’t connect?

I am experiencing similar problem. My Itunes 10 find the wdtv and connect to it but doesn’t display any files or playlists. Wdtv itself finds audio files and plays them fine. I can also connect to wdtv in Finder and copy files to and from.

I’m using Mac Os 10.6 and Itunes 10. WDTV is connected to airport extreme with a wire and disk drive wit audio files is attached to wdtv itself.

Welcome to the forums.

This sounds more like a question for the Apple forums than for the WD (which is playing audio files just fine).

Just tell the Apple forum folks that you can see the WDLive on your network and they should be able to help you further.

Thank you for a fast response. I will post on apple forums but first I’d like to check that I’m not missing something obvious. Is this supposed to work without any settings changes on WDTV?

Found a long thread about this on Apple forums. All non apple media servers are broken it seems after reading this thread. it doesn’t look like Apple will change this in iTunes 10 so wd will need to update wdtv firmware  to keep it working with latst itunes.