Issues with Network Share after Firmware update

I bought the WD TV live (version WDBHG70000NBK-HESN) about a week ago and after watching a few youtube videos I was able to set up the Network Share and have it work great. Today I updated to the 2.01.86 Firmware and now it won’t see my Window Shares. It only searches with the orange arrow circle.

I’ve tried reseting my Network settings, unplugged for 5 min and nothing has worked. I have not changed anything on the computer (Windows 7), don’t see why I should have to? Can anyone please help? 

OK, so I rolledback the firmware and it’s still not showing my computer for the network share!!! I have done a hard reset but it didn’t work. Any ideas?

Search these forums for “master browser”.  It involves registry changes but seems the best fix for people that have already done the obvious networking 101 stuff.  There is a sticky for the networking 101 stuff, so make sure you have that covered.  Another option would be to buy a router that will allow you to set it as the master browser.  Finally you may want to return your device and get the new model that just came out.  The risk in that is that noone seems to know if the networking issues were fixed in that device and it doesn’t support Netflix.  Good luck!

Thanks for the reply but it’s bothering me that there was zero issues before the update. Everything worked fine, and now I have to search for fixes?? That doesn’t make sense, I love the WD products but if I have to go through all of this I’ll return it and go with someone else. I’m gonna keep playing with it though. i’m not editing the reg though… I shouldn’t have to do that to make a product work that it’s supposed to. 

This is a finicky product.  People come on here all the time saying it worked fine and then boom doesn’t.  A new PC on your network is enough to mess this product up.

If you reset the WD to factory when going back to the prior firmware it could be something as simple as you need to reconfigure the WD’s network settings, i.e. changing the workgroup.

My advice is start all over, pretend you are setting it for the 1st time again.  Check the WD settings and verify the basic networking stuff.  If that is all fine start thinking about what changed on your network.

I have had similar issues in the past and I was able to go under settings and reset the network shares info to solve the problem. Hope you can find a solution.

Also check your IPs. My ISP provide me with 5 public IPs and it turned out they can be in different IP space.