Issue with Thumbgen and SMP device


I have 3 SMP devices. All running Alaska Dark, firmware is good. Recently I have had issues creating xml files for the template. The date and sometimes director does not appear on the screen. I can see it in the xml but wen I scroll to the movie the field is not populated. This recently happened. When I go to older movies I can see the date. I have it formatted to MM/dd/yyy. I am not sure as to what to do at this point. Can some please offer me advice? Also when I changed the movie export to Eport using WDTV Live Hub format the director will sometimes show.



I haven’t try that on my unit. Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

Thanks for your reply. I was losing my mind. This was spanning 3 SMP’s and 4 different computers. I finally figured it out by looking into XMLs that had were working correctly. I needed to format the date in Thumbgen to yyy-MM-dd. That gives me 2016-06-30 in the XML. Then the date in the SMP will display MM/DD/YYY 06/30/2016. I may have missed that in the Thumbgen setup guide but not sure.