No date in moviesheets (gen3)

I use thumbgen to create the moviesheets and everything works fine except when viewed on my WDTV Live Gen3. Actors, director, description, thumbnails, background, etc works great. The release date of the film and the ratings do not appear. They appear in the sheet generated by thumbgen but not on WDTV Live. In the thumbgen options I selected .xml for movieinfo export (export using WDTV Live Hub Format) and I selected .jpg for main moviesheet (WDLXTV Live Generic Dynamic Sheet/all modes).

Am I selecting the wrong options? There’s very little info on the gen3 so I would appreciate any help.



Moviesheets will not display correctly if you are using the original theme for the SMP, you may take a look to custom themes in this link:

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I am using one of the ‘recommended’ themes and I don’t get the date either.  We need to find the ‘key’ in the xml file.  There is a section on the xml file for year but I have tried filling in the info but it doesn’t show.

I can fix genre easily by adding Crime/Drama to the xml sheet.  This happens mainly with movie sheets for TV show episodes.  Often I need to copy/paste “plot” into “overview” so the shows synopsis shows on the movie sheet.

Let me have a play around and see if I can work something out.

I believe TV Shows use the FIRSTAIRED tag, not the YEAR tag.

I have tried adding firstaired and date all without any luck.  It still says Date:N/A

I looked at different moviesheets but they seemed to be very specific to the firmware and all of them developed for gen2.  I didn’t think any would work well on the gen3.

I also looked at the xml file and the date is there and in the correct format (dd,mm,yyyy).

Just getting back to write that all is working.  I did download the theme by Mojo and it’s working on the gen3.  It’s also showing the date and ratings.

Thanks to all that contributed.


Can you tell me what is written in the xml sheet to get the date to show.  eg, 17.02.1996   

Then I can edit mine.


I installed the mojo sheets and in his instructions he wrote that the date format should be changed in the Thumbgen options menu to yyyy-MM-dd (capital MM).  This works for his sheets at least and the xml file shows


hope that helps

Thanks denni7z, I will give that a go from now on.

denni7z wrote:

Just getting back to write that all is working.  I did download the theme by Mojo and it’s working on the gen3.  It’s also showing the date and ratings.


Thanks to all that contributed.



Just a little correction.  It’s not BY Mojo, MOJO is the name of the theme by me (Tinwarble).

My apologies and thank you for the excellent work.  Even withough the transparancies it’s very nice.

Thanks everyone, Date on my Movie Sheets Is now working!  My problem was I ‘changed’ the date format in options to bring it into line with the way the date is written in my country.  I should have left that alone.  I have also discovered to use a - rather then . between the year, month, day.

I want to use thumbgen to scrape all my movies /  tv shows for my wdtv gen3.

Am I forced to use a custom theme, can I get away without doing this?

Is Mojo still the most compatible theme for gen3?

I understand that if I want to use mojo the only thing I have to do is change the date format in thumbgen and it should work properly?

Hi Kiwijunglist,

I have put this webpage together.  It may or may not help you.

Thumbgen movie sheets work best on Tinwarble’s Mojo Theme.  However it does work with a couple of hiccups on the default mocchi them as well.


I managed to get it going on my own all though im not using moviesheets, just the default xml file format

I made a profile

It only creates 3 files per movie (backdrop/cover/xml) and it works perfectly on my gen3.

btw - you should update your tutorial because you can now mod the date format in thumbgen so it’s compatible with wdtv