Is this the power supply to my 4TB G-Drive?

Hi, folks.
I have a rather embarrassingly odd request/question.

Sometime after unboxing my 4TB G-Drive, with the best of intentions, my significant other separated the unit’s power supply and lumped it in with other DC adapters in a drawer. Some of these have the same gauge plug as the G-Drive. I could try and find out which one belongs to the drive by method of elimination, but I don’t want to risk damage with voltage mismatch or something.

The most likely candidate is the one shown in the attached photos.
Could I trouble you to confirm whether this indeed is the power supply that came with my G-Drive?

Thanks in advance.

It’s not … did you even look at the photo you posted ?

G-Drive clearly says … 19 Volts 3.42 Amps

Power Supply says … 12 Volts 1.0 Amps

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Thank you for the reply, Joey.

Did you even look at the photo you posted?

Not closely enough, evidently. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: What an embarrassing oversight on my part! Great catch!

This one then?

looks like it …

if the barrel fits into the G-Drive and the polarity is the same (Tip is in most cases +Positive) … then you should be good to go.

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Thanks again, Joey.
Cheerios :+1: