Is there an external that shows up as a drive?

I have had no look at all on getting this WD elements 10A8 to open for me I need a basic simple to use external hard drive that works like they used to work. You know, plug it in and is shows up as a drive with a letter all you have to do is click on to access? Is this too much to ask? It is really aggravating to not be able to get into it on windows 7 or 8.1 either one. I have tried the darn thing on 2 different computers and I quess I just need a simple one that works in a simple manner. Seeing the thing in the device manager doesn’t mean a darn thing to me if I can’t see what is in it.

The Elements is a plug and play drive and should connect. Make sure you are not using a cable longer than supplied or thru a hub. Does the drive show in Disk Management and have a letted assigned? 


There appears to be a problem with the drive itself this is what I got when I ran one of the tools from the wd websitel 

With a fail as a test result and having not been able to access the drive on 2 separate windows computers this is not even close to a solution. I mean I really need to be able to get into the drive to be able to use it and so far there has been no go no matter what.

It appears that there is a problem with the drive. If this is a new drive take it back where you purchased it and see if they will exchange. Or contact WD for a replacement. The Elements are a simple plug and play drive that doesn’t need software. I can copy and paste etc on mine with no problems.