Is there a more powerful version of My Book Live?

I love my book live.  I see it’s potential to be used as a server platform built around massive drive space.  I’m kind of salivating over the possibilities …

Is there perhaps a version of My Book Live that has more memory?  

A faster processor would be O.K., but not necessary for now.  If this machine had 16 GB of memory on it - it might be an excellent candidate for some dedicated server work.

My Book LIve appears to have been loaded with a lower end Power PC processor, which is great, and about 250mb of memory.

$uname -a

Linux MyBookLive #1 Thu May 17 13:32:51 PDT 2012 ppc GNU/Linux

Top output: 

Mem: 253632k total, 246784k used, 6848k free, 59328k buffers
Swap: 500608k total, 134016k used, 366592k free, 26304k cached

For personal cloud devices, currently only the My Book Live and My Book Live Duo are available.

What I’d like to see is a more powerful MBL  - faster CPU and at least 1GB ram. I’m sure other power users would pay more for this.