Few questions before I buy


My first post here.

I am owner of WD My Book World 1TB (WhiteLight) and i’m quite happy with it, but i’m considering to buy this new ‘WD My Book Live 2TB’ becouse it’s have 800Mhz cpu and 256MB RAM and reviews report that it does have very nice LAN speed (about 70MB/s at least).

But I some qustions about ‘Live’ before I buy:

  1. What OS does it run? Is it still ‘ARM Linux’ or ‘Debian’ ?

  2. Is it possible to install custom software using ipkg? Does such feed exist for this new version of ‘WD Live’ ?

  3. Is ‘gcc’ presented in default configuration?

  4. Does /etc/hosts.allow , hosts.deny works or still NOT work like in ‘wd my book world’ ?

  5. Does it support Jumbo frames? If yes, where values can be changed?

  6. Does HDD on this new device still parks it heads every 8sec and there is absoutely no way how to change (increase) that value from shell with root access using ‘hdparm’ and only way it so remove hdd , connect to windows pc and use some wd utility to change that (in such way breaking warranty).

  7. Can Mionet and twonky  easily be disabled from running? (really there is no need for them for me).

  8. HDD included in 2TB version is 5400rpm or 7200rpm?

What I expect from NAS is to use it as little Linux server, accessible from internet via ftp server, web server, ssh access of course. Behind router it is very safe way (just forwarding some ports).  Issue i’m having with my current ‘Wd My Book World’ is that its hardware is not capable enough to download stuff with many parallel connections using ‘pyload’ and simoultanesly unraring big files… so i’m hoping 800MHZ cpu and 256MB RAM will solve this issues…

but there is BIG IF…

WD My Book Live seems useful to me only if there is such easy way to install custom software from ipkg like it is with ‘Wd My Book World’ .

What I already don’t like about ‘Live’  - is that it does not have Power button and that there is no USB port (not that I need it atm, but maybe it could be useful later)…

What I like about it - It’s seems to have very good LAN speed, more powerful hardware and still does NOT HAVE fan. I really hate noise. Second thing of course - price… QNAP is very overpriced, so i’m sticking with WD, I guess…

Please answer those questions asap.

Well I can’t answer all your questions… however for #7 - this is super simple now. It’s literally a checkbox you can uncheck. As for #8 I can only assume this is going to be the same as every other external and network drive: It could be anything inside. Most likely it’ll be a Caviar Green (Intellipower ((speed ranges from 5400 - 7200 based on power usage)) ), Caviar Blue (5400 or 7200), or a Caviar Black (7200). They may also be putting in an AV drive which I’m not sure off hand of the RPM of…

If anyones cracked theres open they could likely tell you what they found inside theres, although the one you get could be very different.