Mybooklive vs mybookworld

Guys, can you please hel me deciding which product to buy? mybookworld edition 2TB or mybooklive edition 2TB Which one is a later version and which one is better please. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



My Book Live is the latest from WD.

Any idea why when a video is played off this drive on the net work there are hick-ups?

That is a pretty open ended question. You have to look at your network first. Will it support High definition streaming - Wired and Wireless. If you can answer yes to that, then you have the Player you want to use. Will that support High definition streaming - in the format you want. If you can answer yes to that, then the My Book Live is good for you.

If you are on a 10/100 network, connected wirelessly and expect to play high definition movies, you are going to be limited by your network… not the My Book Live.


Thanks for your response. Sorry may be if tell you what i have here may answer to your questions. I have bell Fibe-16 internet with their router called 2wire gateway. This mybooklive is connected to this Bell router. What I want is to store movies off my sony camcorder HD-SR12 and then play them using VLC media player. So far i did not have great luck. Initially i installed mybook world. On that one i was tryng to copy files as big as 30gb. the copying process was stoping by it self giving me an error ayin “can not find network drive” Then I brought now mybooklive . in this one copy in process is slightly better. The playback however has hickups. It at times even asks if I want to repair the file.  I also do have a 10/100 network, connected wirelessly and some computers are connected through the hub.   I do not know what is going on…

@DeepakGandhi   : I have both. Here is my quick thoughts:

MyBook World (white light) - 200MHz CPU , 128MB RAM runs ARM Linux.

Max Gbit wired LAN speed around 30megabytes/sec NAS to PC and ~13megabytes/sec -> PC to NAS,

  • good looking/quite nice feature stuffed Web Interface runs on httpd_mini which takes very little of system resources

  • no problem to use optware for custom software installs

  • very fast going out of stand-by (spindown) mode (less than 10secs).

  • does have power button

  • does have usb port

  • very problematic to compile something that’s not on optware directly. You can try to cross-compile on other box, but that requires additional knowledge.

  • no way to manually disable/change hdd head parking value which by default is every 8sec.

My Book Live - 800MHz cpu, 256MB RAM runs Debian Lenny.

Max Gbit wired LAN speed ~45megabytes/sec to/from NAS.

  • very easy to install custom stuff with apt-get (some ppl also says optware works (not tested myself)

  • hdd (2TB model which i have) runs very quietly… (specially after setting acoustic management value to 128)

  • love asketic single LED! Green means it is it in active mode. Greed flash - data transfer, blue = stand-by mode

  • very basic WebInterface,/limited config options,   runs on Apache… quite ram hungry application.

  • hdd runs quite hot (but of course its cools down in stand-by mode)

  • no way to manually disable/change hdd head parking value

  • no power button

  • no usb port

I would say go for WD MY BOOK LIVE.

Is it more new than World.