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Hi there name is rudy here first of all sorry for bad english i would like to buy either one of wd live or wd world edition II but after surfing the internet i still don’t have a clue which one should i take since i don’t know why,i will put my question too both wd live and wd world edition subforum i want to use it for my office which is probably 20-30 PC will take data from the external drive through the ethernet at the same time and probably will add a few person too access it through our wifi from wd live i get a specification that only wd live got 100MB/s reads while wd world edition don’t have it i’m probably new on these kind of hardware,but does the 100MB/s reads really help when a lot of people access the file at the same time? or probably someone can give me a more good suggestion and hopefully i can get my answer which one should i buy

Hi there, the MyBook Live is way better than the MyBook World. It’s faster, more stable and newer by design.