Is the Purple the correct drive for my NVR using RAID?

Dear Community,

I wonder if you can help me? I would like to build a NVR but I am not sure what drives to use? I will be using a PCIe RAID controller card so I can configure a RAID 5 or a RAID 6 array. I plan to start with 8 network cameras (4.1 megapixel). Then over time I plan to expand on cameras and storage.

Is the Purple NV the correct drive to use? or should I be using Red Pros or Golds?

I will look forward to your replies.


Hi: MBFan



Hi NotaCanada,

I did come across that information in the knowledge base but was not sure if it was valid for the Purple disks. Would the community be able to confirm if the Purple or Purple NV disks can be used in a RAID 5 configuration?

Thanks in advance,

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