Which WD model to buy for my company?

Hi Guys,

I need to upgrade my Green WD (2TBX2 - RAID1) since I’ve added 7 cameras to the company i’m working.

MY Q - I understood the WD purple is suitable for NVR camera recording and WD Red for NAS.

I’ve only 2 bays in my NAS. what is the best practice for my issue??


Hi Nano_Nano

best pratice would be a separate drive WD Purple for NVR only and the other drive with WD Red for data.
It depends on your NAS if you can setup the NVR solution in your NAS to write direct onto the WD Purple.

Hi Joerg,

Thanks for your quick response.

My NAS currently write on WD Green. But the storage become low.
In terms of money, I thought to buy the WD Purple (replace the WD Green) to fit the cameras on my NAS instead of getting new NAS dedicate to the cameras…