Is my wd external drive failing? Is this enough for rma?

I recently brought a Wd my passport drive 4tb from Amazon and yesterday while checking it with Crystal disk info i see that the drive has 1 pending sector. Curious i downloaded wd lifeguard diagnostic utility and it failed the quick test with error status code =07(failed read test element) Failure checkpoint = 97 (unknown test). I haven’t tried the extended test yet.

So is 1 bad sector enough for rma or it could be some one time thing that resolves over time. The drive is not showing any performance issue atm
and no clicking sounds or anything.

This is a external drive that is not used actively everyday but contains important files

he temperature is high because i am in process of backing up 2tb of data

Hi dbz4,

As the Windows Data Lifeguard Diagnostics test showing the result as failed, So, You can apply for the RMA from the link given below.