Is my drive eligible for RMA? (Elements 2TB with 402 Bad Sectors)

Hello, my first post, please forgive me if i am creating this thread in the wrong section.

I am an owner of 2 WD elements 2TB hard drives. One of them is my always on drive and the second one is a backup drive with about 72 hours in use. The problem occurred with the backup drive. During the last backup from the always on drive, the copy procedure stopped unexpectedly and the drive started making a lot of head noises (not the click of death, just normal head read/write noises).

I stopped the backup and run a scandisk, just to find out that it wouldn’t finish either. The Quick test of Data lifeguard would also fail. HDD Sentinel reports 402 Bad sectors, and a 20% health. So i decided to create an RMA request and do a full erase just for the shake of my privacy (not that i don’t trust WD, however mail does get lost.)

After the full erase the drive performs normally although health is still at 20% and HDD Sentinel still reports 402 Bad sectors, but the quick and extended tests pass successfully. So my question is, can i still send the drive for RMA? I cannot use the drive now as it is since i cannot risk the backup of 1tb of photos + personal data on a drive which reports 20% health.

I am also uploading a screenshot of the drives smart status

Thank you very much for your time :slight_smile:

Yes you can.