Is Dropbox supported or not?

I purchased a 6TB WD My Cloud EX2 to be used with Dropbox, in which I already have a large investment. I assumed since the My Cloud EX2 is supposed to look like a normal drive to OSX 10.9.4, this should be no problem. I installed it as a Plug & Play drive without any WD software. When I tried to use it with dropbox my brand new Mac Pro slowed down massively. (I pointed Dropbox to the Public share).

I installed all the WD software and tried again. Even worse things happened (see

The manual mentions some kind of mobile interface to Dropbox, but I’m working from desktops.

According to this mod message by Hamlet, remote backup is not supported.

So should I return my WD My Cloud EX2? Remote backup via Dropbox is a requirement here.


Hi tomcam, you can select Dropbox as a backup/restore destination using Smartware Pro. Using Smartware you can also backup the Dropbox local folder into the EX2. For more information follow the links below. 

How to create a backup to a Dropbox account using WD SmartWare Pro

How to backup the contents of a Dropbox account to an external hard drive using WD SmartWare Pro

Smartware File backup

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