Can't get capacity of a new MD My Cloud EX2 disk

  • Dashboard, Home, and chose Capacity which said FREE. Clicked it, and a Capacity Usage dialog appeared for minutes, until I clicked the Close dialog.
  • Went to the Finder, clicked the WDMyCloudEX2 disk, and clicked Get Info.
  • Same thing, a lot of disk churning and no numbers.

How can I learn the free disk space on my My Cloud EX2?


Late 2013 Mac Pro purchased August late 2014

6-core 3.5GHZ Intel XeonE5/16GB RAM/256GB with 220GB available. 

OSX 10.9.4

External NAS: WD My Cloud EX2 6TB External drive on WiFi network prrchased late August 2014

Have you tried to reset/Power cycle the unit?