Iphone app doesn't connect to mycloud outside of home wifi


Sounds like there are many message boards out there on this topic, but I haven’t been able to find one with a good response from WD (surprising since this is the purpose of this product). I’m able to use the iphone app to connect to myCloud when I’m on my home wifi, but when I’m not it says “Drive is not accessible. Local documents are available.” 

My settings:

  1. general > remote access > on (status: Connected (Relay connection established) ) configured to auto (NOTE: have also changed this to manual and added 8080 and 8443 as the ports but this does not make a difference)

  2. network > static

  3. ports forwarded from my router 8080 and 8443

Why is this not working, and why do I continue to have this problem? I had bought this for my parents but until you can solve this do not plan on opening it because if I keep having trouble with this there’s no way they’ll be able to use this.

Your out of the box solution isn’t working and it’s an ongoing problem based on the community–you guys need to fix this once and for all.

Thanks so much,


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If the device stays in relay mode even when switching to manual mode then it’s possible the connection is being blocked. Have you tried with ports other than 8080 and 8443?

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