iPhone 4 + WD My Book Live + WD Photos = NO PHOTOS

Quick synopsis, WDMy  Book Live is viewable on my network by all computers, it is registered with Mionet and when I have the WD photos installed on my iPhone 4, I can see the the device but it shows “no photos” in the sub-menu. 

All my pictures have been moved off my computer to the “Shared Photos” folder by click-and-drag and I can view them via a networked computer.  I have some photos in the main “Shared Photos” area and some in folders. I have tried rebooting the NAS drive, rebooting my computer, uninstall-reinstalling the app, cussing and screaming, but I don’t understand why it isn’t working. Running Windows 7 on a custom built PC.


Me too.

Some help on this would be great.

All “shared” have to be Mionet enable.to make WD Photos working.

On the main menu of WD Live, choose “Shares”, and then choose the Shared you need to access remotely (it is the case with WD Photos), and then activate “Remote access”.


Actually after my post, I had a WD rep IM me privately to call the support line so she could see how to fix the issue. It turns out that after the simple troubleshoots didn’t work (making sure Mionet was registered and the folders were being shared) she had to remote search my drive and it actually had a known softeware bug that was known about yet the cause was not. She had to upload new firmware files and run several Linux commands to get it working again. Overall it took a good 1:30 hours on the remote desktop control and basically me just sitting there watching her run commands and programs on my computer & drive. If the basics don’t get you up and running, call customer service and ask for their technical support team. They will get it fixed for you.