Internal backup details- how many days will it hold? 10?

Have had internal incremental backups running and just noticed it only seemsto allow 10 days of backups and there is no setting for that?

Have plenty of room and woudl like the ability to keep more than 10 days in reserve for file version recovery.  

Is there really no setting for that? 

Currently in the process of uploading dataset to Elephantdrive for cloud offsite backup, (takes forever!) and glad I noticed the 10 day cutoff now. 


How are you storing backups? Do you use WD SmartWare?

I am storing the internal incremental backups on the EX4, using the native interface provided on the EX4. IT just seems to lack any real settings as far as how many days it keeps.

I get that but would like to have some control over it without a 3rd party app. 

Per the previous post I am also in the process of uploading the backup dataset to Elephant drive via the EX4 interface but it is verrrrrry slow. 

I also synce the data set to an external hd for offsite storage daily.