Fresh meat newbie questions-

Hello all,

New user here thanks to the Cryptowall 3.0 bug that my employer found and then spread to the old server, so this ex4 8tb is our new intermediate option. 

We are a small engineering office and have a working dataset of about 155 gb, (working on reducing that soon). I have already looked at the FAQ and done searchs for the questions I have but hard to find much that matches-

? on Internal backups, with our main data folder of 125gb it took about 4-5 hours and my co-worker came in early and was trying to work in the share while the backup was still running. So revised the backup to be an incremental after the initial complete backup, hoping that might allow a faster backup but it failed with no real details.

My hope is to have a complete backup every night, then do a full backup to external hd Friday nights and take off site. will i need a 3rd party “app” to do that? it seems that the included backup software won’t adress that need.

Also we will be looking at an offsite cloud backup plan and wondered about the 2 that are included in the WD software? Any experience or feed back? 


You need to provide more details for us to help you.

Are you backing up to the EX4, another volume on the EX4, to an external NAS or to a external USB drive?


Would like to do internal backups on the EX4 nightly, from the working data folders to separate shares/folders on the same EX4. 

Then integrate a weekly backup to an external HD that can be stored off site. 

As well as integrating an off site cloud option.