Instruction to remove UDF Virtual Drive Partition!

Ok I just registered here just to pass along this info which I have used and it does work (tested on XP). Forgive me if there was a solution posted to resolve this issue I didn’t find one. This will DELETE that hidden partition and give you that extra space back.

Instructions are here:

In case the site is down I will copy and paste here the instructions.

  • Removed/Deinstalled All SmartWare Software from My windows box (Instruction to do that are here)
  • Start ->SearchBox-> Type cmd
  • Type> DiskPart
  • Type> list disk
  • Type> select disk 2 (This was mine, your can be different)
  • Type> clean
  • Type> create partition primary
  • Download the Utilityfrom to do the low level format
  • Install the Tool
  • Run LLF on USB Hdd

Are you sure? I’ve seen a few of these solutions posted and all they actually end up doing is hide the firmware. If you read the replies most found it didn’t work.


Most likely that wouldnt work. The software is embedded.

Got any screen shots?