Removing software

I know you cant delete the vcd but can only hide it. So my workaround was to install everything set the drive sleep time and turn vcd off. Then just uninstall smartware from my pc, now you wouldnt know that the software existed and the drive is just used as any other. I understand that you should have the option as to what is on your drive but for alot of people im sure this would do.

Am only posting this as I cant see it mentioned anywhere. If it is sorry.



Thank you for the post.  Maybe it will encourage others, who don’t like Smartware, to use the drive like this. 

Nice of the original poster to post that, but, it’s hardly a solution.

I’ve spent too much time already messing about with this issue. I mean, is there anything else WD would like their paying customers to do to make the company’s life easier? I’d be glad to help, because I have nothing better to do. Oh, I charge £130 an hour for my services, where at WD do I send the invoice to?

The issue is not just disliking Smartware (which it’s true, is not software that I would ever let anywhere near my computers, given a choice). The issue is having the software forced on users via an (unadvertised) firmware driven virtual partition, which cannot be deleted. This partition takes up disk space and causes problems on our systems. And, with the Studio model of the drive, it is not even possible to hide the partition.

All of these issues could be fixed if WD cared enough about their paying customers to post a firmware fix, so that the partition could be deleted. That is, removed - not just hidden. 

Add me too to the list of unsatisfied buyers!  I juts bought my fifth WD Passport but the VCD makes it useless to me.  I want to use my Passport as a portable HDD, NOT as a back-up for a stationary HD!