Installing WordPress on the My Cloud not the EX or other ones

Could not find any place were they say how to install WordPress on the My Cloud.

Have to turn on SSH and from there can install Webmin. Can look that up how to. it is easy and then will work with a apt-get install webmin.

Then with in Webmin install mysql and that works.

Download WordPress then and it works. It does seem slow on this My Cloud. I guess that’s why they don’t tell you how on it but on the 2 drive systems that have more RAM and CPU power I guess.

-Raymond Day

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If you are talking about trying to install WordPress to a single bay My Cloud, it is not officially supported (at least under v4.x firmware versions).

You may want to see the following post in the Repository with software worked on v4 firmware thread in the My Cloud subforum.

Also see the following threads/posts that mention WordPress:

Do a search within the WD My Cloud subforum for “wordpress” for additional threads.

I had my WordPress copied to it. All the uploads and Database.

It runs super slow on the My Cloud! Lots of times when adding a new post it would say waiting to reconnect.

Though the night the hard drive was just going a lot. I guess running out of RAM and using HDD as RAM and Maybe ran out of that too. Because I could only ssh to it in the morning.

I rebooted and now it is messed up so the WordPress folder is not even there. The LED goes red. I guess I have to restore it. Looks like it’s just good as a file server.

Slow CPU and little RAM.

Yes, the single bay My Cloud units generally have a slow CPU and small amount of RAM. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise though since the My Cloud typically costs $20 to $40 (US dollars) more than the bare drive it contains. Some are trying to do things on these My Clouds that they were never designed to do. Sometimes those things work, sometimes not.