Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other "firmwares"

Since you have the knowledge of using the recovery packet. What do you think about the
ability to use the recovery packet to upload a special version of Linux that would capture the log files to the users PC. This would be a great help in determining why a device won’t boot.


Use “recovery” package for that, then just mount rootfs and see what you need.

Thanks. I tried to search for recovery package. Only found one link and it got 404 error.
Could you please provide link to the recovery package?


All files available in Google drive folder and my site. See in header of this thread.

Just to be sure. I can use this procedure up to the point of telnet. Once I telnet in I can run my commands. When I’m done I can reboot the My Cloud and it will be back to normal. I don’t want to over write anything on the My Cloud.


FOX you are my man :smile:
it worked perfectly, I moved to DSM and all my data are in place and and all the services i had before are up and running in the new DSM ( transmission , Wordpress )
Overall rating 10/10
DSM is much more flexible and Most of my previously made scripts to automate my tasks are already built in with no effort
My WD cloud now is officially a station full of potential not just a dummy SAMBA box

Quick note for who ever would Migrate you might need to install the bootstrap after the DSM installation which will allow you to run and install additional linux commands ( it’s like jailbreak for the DSM ) just search for Easy Bootstrap Installer for synology DS414j
It is not much of effort but other than that I can not complain


Set for Recovery- is “A set for recovery” (For maintenance and other useful things).

Hi all,

first of all thanks for your effort :slightly_smiling:

I have one question regarding the Clean OS, if i install it, I´ll have the WD web gui and the apps working? What version of WD gui is installed?

With a clean OS I would install plex server, right?

Thanks in advance.

@piki No! The WD web gui will not be installed. You can install “OpenMediaVault” instead though. I don’t know if you can install Plex Media Server but I presume so.

Is it possible to uninstall OpenMediaVault? I find it easier to set up everything from the commandline. Or do I have to do a complete reinstall?

@MitraMai, many thanks for the response. I feared it…

Can I install clean Debian this way on WD My Cloud EX2?

The instructions here are for a clean Debian build targetted at the basic MyCloud Gen 1 hardware.

EX2 is a different hardware platform, so will need Debian building for that platform.

Does it exists? Might be somebody can give me links )

Since this subforum is primarily for the single drive My Cloud units you may want to search in the dedicated My Cloud EX2 subforum, or even ask over there if anyone has a clean Debian that can be installed to the EX2 unit.

Perhaps I should begin the company on Kikstarter to buy EX2, Gen2, etc. to make a alt. firmwares for them?
… or somebody will give me for a while the device for experiences (I promise not to break)?

By installing clean Debian or another, are the original firmware is changed?
The restoration in the event of blockage seems complicated to me, so I would avoid changing the firmware.
Thank you in advance.

Its really hard to “kill” our device.
if you got “brick” - simple reupload firmware to internal HDD (Read instruction in header of this thread)

So I justi nstalled the clean debian OS. Can I install from the normal debian repository or do I have to use your 64k repository?

Clean debian = “normal” debian (for armhf cpu’s), so you can install anything from official Debian repository using apt.
For WebGUI use OpenMediaVault or WebMin.