Not able to see download option in apps section for WD Cloud

i want to download an app in wdcloud but i don’t see any option, there is any-other way possi


Official? No. The single bay My Cloud second generation v2.x firmware versions do not currently support installing any additional apps that the more expensive multi bay My Cloud are capable of installing.

Unofficially one might be able to modify the v2.x firmware to allow for the installation of third party apps. See the following thread for more discussion:

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there is anyother possible way i can install wordpress to WD cloud

Unofficially there may be ways depending on your My Cloud’s firmware version. Again, the single bay My Cloud units currently do not officially support any third party or user created apps. It should also be noted that the processor and RAM used on the single bay My Cloud units are low powered. The My Cloud at stock is at times sluggish because of this low powered hardware. Attempting to run Wordpress or similar website program on top of the current My Cloud firmware could potentially cause the single bay My Cloud to be slow/sluggish most of the time.

If one does a forum search (magnifying glass icon upper right) they’ll see that wanting to install Wordpress has been discussed several times before. You may want to review those threads. Here are just a few of those previous threads:

Unofficially and not supported by WD, and which will in all likelihood void your My Cloud warranty, one could replace their My Cloud firmware, again depending on what firmware version your My Cloud currently supports, and run programs/services like Wordpress. See the following links. Most if not all the following links deal with the older version 4.x firmware however which is older/different than version 2.x firmware the newer My Cloud units use. you cannot downgrade a v2.x My Cloud to the older v4.x firmware due to the newer units having different hardware.