Incremental Backups of EX2 Ultra NAS Using a 2nd EX2 Ultra

Hey WD MyCloud Community,

So our company bought a EX2 Ultra and got it working great as a NAS to replace an old Apple Xserve. The thing is we enjoyed having an external USB drive to back up to using Apple Time Machine version-based backups of all our files. I understand you are unable to do incremental backups of an My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS to an external USB hard drive. But, is it possible to bye/setup another My Cloud EX2 Ultra to perform incremental backups of the main NAS (EX2 Ultra) using the OS 3 interface?

We rather not have to use a cloud-based subscription like Elephant Drive or GoodSync to perform the backups. We just want to to be able to go back and replace a version of a file that was mistakenly saved over or whatever.

Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.
Thanks - norrisco


Please be informed that you cannot perform an Incremental Backup on My Cloud Device. However, You can create a complete backup of my cloud device called Safepoint and save it to an external location on your home network or an attached USB drive attached to the USB expansion port. Safepoints can be created or run on a schedule you define.

Please refer to the following KBA article

Hello i hope someone could help me.
I installed my EX2 ultra easyly (ethernet and power) but… the light of the power remains red static.
The others lights for the HDD are blue statics.
i tried to change my ethernet cables… reboot my router… power off his firewall… i tried to plug my EX2 to my PC to find the IP in correspondance with the Mac adress on the back of the product but still nothing…

Can you help me please.