Incorrect 'used space' reading? [MyBook Essential]


I’m currently helping a friend who owns a MyBook Essential, it has failed SeaTools and therefore I am recovering the data before we send it back under warranty.

The only thing is, the drive itself says that 915GB are being used, but we are only able to find about 466GB of data (this is when we copy and select properties of all the folders on the drive). 

There are no hidden files.

I was wondering whether this might be due to some of the files corrupting and therefore losing their values, however, it wouldn’t explain why the drive still gives a reading of 915GB used. There doesn’t -seem- to be anything missing.

Is this a known problem, or has anyone else had this issue?

Many thanks


Well if there’s nothing missing, it might be part of the corruption of the drive.

Check the unit with the DLG tool to see what it says.