I want to know the differences between the two products, My Passport Ultra and My Passport


According to the information that i’ve serched,
the only difference between My Passport Ultra and My Passport is the number of selectable colors.

Except for that, the specifications both of products are almost similar.
(this is the only answer people just said to me)

So, I’m really curious about the differences of two products.

Is it true they are same except colors?

Please help me out.

i need to purchase external drive urgently but the price difference between two products are almost same.


Hi MickCasa,

Yes, both My Passport and My Passport Ultra are same the only difference is of the design and multiple color choice.


Ever since i posted the question, I’ve hesitated to buy MY PASSPORT DRIVES.

But now i can easily make up my mind thanks to your clear answer.

Thanks a lot, have a nice day, alex.


the difference in speed when you download Product Overview (PDF) or User Manual (PDF) you will see in my passport only USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 without anything about speed
if you downloaded Product Overview (PDF) or User Manual (PDF) in my passport ultra you will see USB 3.0 speed 5 GB/s and USB 2.0 speed 480 MB/s