I need more power! Well space actually. G Speed Q Expansion plans!

Hi there, not sure how active this forum is, I’ve used G Speed Q’s for about 4 years now and never had any problems. I now have 2 x 8TB RAID 5 setups in the server room dedicated specifically to photo backup and video/graphic rendering.

Both units - after 4 years - are now completely full.

I’m looking at all the new products G-Tech has, and I’m not really seeing any need to move to Thunderbolt, these beauties have worked great for me (Mac + Adobe CC user).

My question to anyone out there reading this, is how do I upgrade the 8 x 2TB drives on my 2 x G Speed Q’s to 8 x 4TB, or 8 x 6TB drives without just going out an buying another G-Speed Q. Is it possible to just pop the 2TB’s out and replace them with larger drives?

I will wait patiently for a response but keep in mind - I’m a media producer and I’m out of space… tic toc, tic toc!


You can just buy new drives bare and put them into the current trays you have. You’ll need to buy them in sets of 4 of course and all same capacity.