G-Speed Q 4tb - drive replacements

I have the original 4tb G-Speed Q with USB2.0 which I have outgrown. I would like to replace all drives. Can I replace them with any enterprise class harddrives or do they need to be the G-Speed replacement drives? Could I use the WD RED harddrives or similar?

Can anyone help me with an answer to this question?

You can technically use any drive as long as you do all 4 at once and make sure they are the same drives.

thank you for your response Rydia

Hi, I have one more question: My unit is the original 4TB USB2.0 version GSPSPQEB40004BDB / 0G01797. I have tried looking for documentation online, but do you know whether it has a maximum capacity for what disks to put in. I see the new version supports up to 32TB, but does the old version support disks that big?

We haven’t tested the capacities of them that large but it shouldn’t have any limitations. Once you can address > 2TB you have no limit.

ok, thank you again!