I have an External Hard Disk My Book to the PC with USB, any risk with the actual malware?

Hello, I have a external hard disk My Book conected to the PC with the usb cable and the current cable. There is any risk with the actual malware that is erasing data? Thanks for the help.

Please help, I’m scared.

Sure, there’s always a risk … and other ways of losing your data.


  • Install anti-malware/anti-virus software on your PC … and regularly update it.

  • Always exercise caution when clicking and opening things … use common sense.

  • Keep an offline backup of your important data on a 2nd Hard drive … you can lose your data in more ways than catching malware. eg. drive failure, power surges, accidents ie. it falling or dropping it

Can’t stress enough the last tip … keep backups.

Thanks, but I mean with the actual malware that is erasing data on the NAS.